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I have a small specialist nursery in the foothills of Mt. Wellington, near Hobart, Tasmania. The cool climate and rich basalt soils grow hardy plants which will thrive in temperate regions of Australia.

I specialise in unusual perennials from Asia, North America's woodlands, and Europe. As you can see from the catalogue,  it is a very eclectic mix of plants I have found to be strong and garden-worthy.  Many are oriented towards the cooler climate collector,  and some will cope with drier conditions.

My nursery has been operating for over 20 years,  beginning with imports from some of the better-known unusual plant nurseries in the U.S., Britain and Europe and exchanging with local collectors.  I'm still propagating from some of those original imports, but have built up a large collection, grown both in my garden and in nursery beds.

As I do almost all of my own propagating and growing-on, I have detailed knowledge about "what works" for gardeners.  Of course you may also find that some quantities of special plants are limited. 

I still get completely absorbed in the beauty and variety of ornamental plants. Their colour, form and even their seed pods are so inventive and inspiring.  As a gardener I still get a thrill every time a new plant flowers for the first time.  I hope you will too.

Sally Johannsohn


* A note about images:  Click to enlarge. Most are my own but I do need a few from Commons Wikipedia so thankyou to the photographers that contribute.