DEAR CUSTOMERS, thankyou for your orders for my 2017 list. Please read the ORDERS PAGE to help you understand how orders are dispatched. I try to open the nursery in Spring and Autumn for a week. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support for my plants. Sally

Plant Catalogue

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Aconitum napellus

This Monkshood has deeply divided, glossy dark green leaves and violet blue flowers in mid to late summer. It stands upright up to 1.5 metres. Tuberous perennial for sun.
$8.50 AUD


Adonis brevistyla

Round blue buds open to clean white flowers in late Spring. Soft ferny foliage up to 30cm.
$15.00 AUD


Agastache 'Astello Indigo'

A very upright Agastache with very long lasting indigo blue spikes. The compact clumps grow to about 60cm high. The mint scented flowers and foliage are very attractive to birds and bees.
$12.00 AUD


Allium sphaerocephalon

Tight purple drumsticks on tall slender stems are very effective in the late summer garden. Wonderful to pick. (potful)
$8.50 AUD


Anemone 'Bracteata'

These double green and white flowers develop an indigo stain in the centre as they age. The flowers are very double so hold for a long time.
$12.00 AUD

Anemone nemorosa 'Lady Doneraile'

Lady Doneraile has larger flowers than most, 3 centimetres across. I find it not as ephemeral as many others as the flowers have more substance and the stems are strong. It flowers later than other anemone.
$8.50 AUD

Anemone nemorosa 'Wyatt's Pink'

Deceptive little flower that that starts pure white, gradually turns soft pink and ages to a very deep pink.
$10.00 AUD

Anemone seemanii

One of my favourite Spring flowers. Soft creamy lemon flowers and dark green leaves form a little mound.
$9.50 AUD

Anemone viridiflora

This frilly green form of anemone is very distinct. It forms striking clumps of long lasting bright green flowers.
$12.00 AUD


Angelica taiwaniana 'Purple Giant'

A giant form of Vicars Mead with clumps of purple foliage and dark stems which carry soft pink umbellifers. Long lasting effect in the flower garden.
$9.50 AUD